District Panchayat Resource Centre (DPRC)-a thawk turte kal chhuak ta

Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA) hnuaia District Panchayat Resource Centre (DPRC) District 4 (pali) a sakte chu zawh fel a ni ta a, heng DPRC hrang hranga thawk turte pawhin ni 27.2.2018 khan State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (SIRD&PR), Mizoram, Durtlang Leitan atangin Bungrua-te nen an chhuak ta.

District Panchayat Resource Centre (DPRC) 4 (pali) – Mamit, Serchhip, Champhai leh Siaha-a awm turte chu hengte hi an ni: (more…)

Exposure Tour to Maharashtra neih a ni

State Institute of Rural Development &Panchayati Raj (SIRD&PR), Mizoram buatsaihin Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA) hnuaiah 15th – 20th January, 2018 chhung khan Block Development Officer (BDO) leh District Local Administration Officer (DLAO) te tan “Exposure Tour to Maharashtra” neih a ni a. He tour-ah hian BDO 14, DLAO 3 leh SIRD&PR Staff 4 an kal a ni.


Visit of Adopted Village Chamring on the occasion of Cleanliness Drive under Swachhta Pakhwada On 11th October, 2017

I, LALCHHANDAMA LAILUNG (Core Faculty IT), headed a one day visit to Chamring, an adopted village of SIRD&PR Mizoram on 11th October, 2017. The team consists of four members including me, Mr. H. Rosangpuia (Faculty-PA SPRC), Mr. K. Lalhmachhuana (Training Assistant DPRC) and Mr. P.C. Lalremruata (Driver)  


11th October, 2017:

10:00 – 11:00 AM:

            The team reached Chamring Village at 10:00 AM and was received by the Working Group of Chamring Village. The Working Group consists of 3 Village Council Members, 1 Village Council Secretary, 2 ex-VCPs of the village, 2 prominent citizens, 1 Primary school headmaster and 1 Anganwadi Worker with a  total of 10 members. We had a meeting with the Working Group at the house of the Village Council President. We started off the meeting with a round of self-introduction amongst ourselves. A brief minute of this meeting is as below:-

  • The Village Council Secretary presented the Village Development Plan than the Working Group has prepared. In this plan, there were 12 action items which were very apt for the village. However, the plan lacks information like Source of fund, Cost and Implementing Agency. SIRD&PR team advised the Working Group on the need for key information such as the ones mentioned above, in order to maximize the success probability of their plan. The Working Group decided to take immediate action on it and impose responsibilities among themselves to acquire such information as soon as possible.



“MID-CAREER TRAINING COURSE FOR MIZORAM CIVIL SERVICE OFFICERS of J.A.G. and Senior Grades” Dt. 17th – 21st April 2017 chhunga neih chu ni 21 (Friday) zan dar 8 ah Pu Lalhmingthanga (I.A.S), Secretary, Govt. of Mizoram, Rural Development Department chuan kharna hun a hmanpui.
Training chhung hian J.A.G leh Senior Grades 17 ten Training hi tluang takin an zo thei a. Ni 20 leh 21 ah Field Visit te neiin, (more…)

Admission Notification for Distance Mode Programmes

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT& PANCHAYATI RAJ (Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India) Rajendranagar, Hyderabad – 500 030


1. Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Development (PGDSRD) Ninth Batch (2017)

2. Post Graduate Diploma in Tribal Development Management (PGDTDM) Sixth Batch (2017) (Recognized by University Grants Commission, New Delhi)

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Geo-Spatial Technology Applications in Rural Development (PGDGARD) Second Batch (2017)


Social Audit Capacity Building Plan Training neih a ni.


State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (SIRD&PR) Conference Hall, Durtlang Leitan ah thla khat (Feb. ni 2 atanga March ni 4 thleng) awh tur “Training on Social Audit Capacity Building Plan (2nd Batch)” chu 2.2.2017 khan Pi K. Lalrinzuali, Addl. Secretary, Rural Development Department chuan khuallian niin a hawng.

Training hawnna hi Pi Maria C.T. Zuali, Director, SIRD&PR in a kaihruai a. Khuallian chuan Social Audit  hi Central Sawrkarin a ngai pawimawh em em a, Mizoram pawh Social Audit Unit Directorate nei hmasa pawl kan ni ta, a lawmawm hle a ni, a ti.

Training nei tura lo kal khawmte chu mipuite nena MGNREGS hnuaia hnathawh diklo te siamtha tu tur in ni a, chuvangin mi dik lohna hailan tum ringawt lova, thil dik lo te siamtha a, thingtlang mite harsatna sukiang tura hma la thin tura fuihin, fimkhur tak leh dik taka hna thawk turin a sawm a. Mizoram tana mi pawimawh an ni tih inhre chunga taima taka training nei turin a sawm a ni.

He training-ah hian Pu Lalrinzuala Chawngthu chu Lead Course Coordinator a ni a. Course member dang te chu Pu Lalthanmawia Ralte (SIRD Coordinator), Pu Khuangthansanga Pakhuangte(Master Trainer), Pu F.Vanlalzama (Master Trainer), Pu Benjamin Z. Renthlei (SAU Coordinator) leh Pu C.Lalthlansanga (SIRD Coordinator) te an ni.

He Training hi Pu V. Lalduhzuala, Director, SAU, Mizoram-in Khuallian niin a khar a ni. Training ah hian Social Audit Unit (SAU) hnuaia District Resource Persons (DRP) mi 28 an tel a ni.

Accounting and Record Keeping

Dik thlapa chhinchhiahna bu te vawn that hi hlawhtling taka Mahatma Gandhi NREGA kalpui anih theihna tura thil harsa deuh te zinga mi a ni a, hriat tur hrang hrang siam chhuahte, a rah chhuahte, hmasawn dan te leh fakselna te hi fimkhur taka ti tur a  tih kan nih angin District, Block leh Village level-ah te chhinchhiahna bu  te  hi vawn tur a ni.

CHHINCHHIAHNA BU AWM NA TUR: Chhinchhiahna Bu te chu Khawtina VEC/VC Secretary hnenah a awm ang a, Block level-ah chuan Programme Officer hnenah a awm ang, chutiang zelin District ah chuan DPC hnenah a awm ve thung ang. Kalpui/enkawltute dang ruat an nih chuan nodal department te kutah a awm ang.

“Ziaka chhinchhiah awm lo/ Chhinchhiah kim lo /chhinchhiah tlai te hi MGNREGA Dan bawhchhiatna a ngaih a ni. DPC-in PO/Officer tu pawh sawrkarin  section-25 MGNREGA tihhlawhtlinnan chhinchhiahna siam tura mawhphurhna a pek te hnenah  hremna a pe ang”.




MCS Probationers, 2016 Batch te-n training zo

Mizoram Civil Service (MCS), 2016 batch te’n Rural Development Schemes hrang hrang te zirchianga 16.6.2016 – 1.7.2016 chhunga SIRD, Mizoram, Kolasib a “Training on Rural Development Schems for MCS Probationers, 2016 batch” chu 1.7.2016 chawhnu khan kharna hun hman niin, Pu C. Lalzahngoa, Superintendent of Police, Kolasib District chuan kharna hun hi hmanpuiin, Training zo te hnenah Certificate hlanna a nei a ni.

          Kharna inkhawm hi Pi Maria CT Zuali, Director, SIRD chuan kaihruaiin, MCS thar te’n tluang tak leh tha taka Training an zawh theih avangin lawmthu a sawi a. (more…)