The State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD), Mizoram has its origin in the year 1991-1992 when the Government of India sanctioned an amount of Rs.60.00 lakhs for creation of building infrastructure for the SIRD. The three main buildings viz. Administrative Building, Hostel and Guest House were constructed in the present location and complete in the year 1996. However, the SIRD began functioning from its present campus at Kolasib since the year 2002.

In the latter years, State Institute of Rural Development, Mizoram was established on 21st August, 2000 vide Government of Mizoram’s Notification No. A. 33024/1/91-RD (Trg) Dt.21.8.2000. The State Level Advisory Committee and the Governing Body of the State Institute of Rural Development, Mizoram were also set up. Upon the approval of the Governing Body in its meeting held on October 25, 2000, various posts required under the SIRD were created. The Governing of Mizoram further approved creation of various posts in the SIRD on April 20, 2001. After appointing the necessary faculties and staff the SIRD first started functioning from Directorate of Rural Development Building, Aizawl.

Following the instruction of the Ministry of Rural Development, the SIRD was registered under the Registration of Societies (Extension to Mizoram) Act, 1976, (Mizoram Act No.3 of 1997) on September, 5, 2000 and thereafter the state Government of Mizoram declared the Institute as an autonomous body on October, 16, 2000.

The Government of India provides 100% of Non-Recurring expenditure and the lion share of Recurring expenditure by providing 100% of the salaries of the 5 Core Faculty members and 90% of the expenditures on salaries of other employees and office expenditures. The State Government provides the remaining 10%.

The Institute started functioning at Kolasib from 30.09.2002.

The institute has an Administrative Building, one Guest House (10 bedded), one Hostel (30 bedded), and one classroom, one conference Hall (30 + 30 seats), one Lecture Hall, one Computer Laboratory and Library.

The Institute also has Quarters for Director and Deputy Director. These two Quarters are concrete Buildings and are under occupation. But they are in need of repair and reconstruction.

The Institute is equipped with different training infrastructures like LCD Projectors, Computers with Printers, Laptops, Slide Projector, Colour Television Sets, Digital Video Cameras, Public Address System etc. and necessary furniture for the training Hall and the Conference Hall. The equipments procured are still far from adequate at present to achieve desired and quality training.



Let this Institute be the source of Rural Enlightenment


The SIRD, Mizoram envisions to make Mizoram a place where most of the people have an access to decent food, clothing, shelter, dignity and a chance to live his or her life to the fullest.


The SIRD, Mizoram shall develop quality human resources and technologies for people’s empowerment, global competitiveness and sustainable development for the rural populace.


The main objectives of the Institute are helping the people to mould their quality, their vision for themselves, and their wills to create and act upon their needs that will finally determine the development of the society. To meet this challenge, the Institute envisions to:

  1. Administer training to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes of the officials and non-officials in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of rural development programmes;
  2. Conduct field study and research to identify ways and means of rural development;
  3. Provide extension services towards technology and information dissemination to the rural poor;
  4. Participate in the process of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of rural development programmes;
  5. Provide consultancy on issues relating to Rural Development;
  6. Organise conferences/consultation meetings for discussions, interchange of ideas and experiences involving officials, experts, scholars and civic leaders; and
  7. Establish strong working relationship/linkages with active GO and NGO partners in Rural Development endeavors.


An integrated three-fold programme is the strategic framework adopted by SIRD, Mizoram.  These are Training, Research and Extension.  A productive system results in OUTPUT through a specific process on given INPUTS as depicted as under :

Framework of SIRD, Mizoram is showing the Process of Input Conversion into Rural Development.


The buildings and other structures at the new SIRD campus, Durtlang, within the Aizawl Municipal area are being constructed with the 1st installment of Rs. 793.83 lakhs received in February, 2011.2nd installment of Rs 914.06lakhs was received on 22nd July, 2015 for completion of the remaining civil works.


     Numbers of Trainings conducted in 2014 – 2015 was 101 including trainings under BRGF.

S. No. Category No. Estimated Total no. of trainees Remark
No. of prog. No. of trainees
1. State Level 10 285 0 285 Including ETCs Thingsulthliah and Pukpui
2. District Level 14 396 2 398
3. Block Level 29 797 184 981
4. Village Level 48 2832 214 3046
Total 101 400 4310 4710


Flagship Programme-wise training conducted in the year 2014-15:

Flagship Programme No. of training


No. of Participants
MGNREGA 22 778
IWMP 25 1078
NRLM 3 109
IAY 3 107
Lab-to-Land 3 716
BRGF 34 1481
SAGY 5 289
Others 6 152
Total 101 4710



The Extension Training Centre, Pukpui, Lunglei District started functioning in the month of February, 2003 and the Extension Training Centre at Thing-sulthliah in the month of November, 2007.  Both the ETCs have their own complexes and are functioning efficiently.


As a Training Institution, the main activities to be taken up are conducting trainings on various Rural Development programmes.  Generally, the clientele group under the training course is the village/grassroots level. Moreover, mid-term evaluations of IWDP /Hariyali were also carried out under the guidance of the SIRD.


The Ministry of Panchayati Raj introduced the Backward Regions Grant Fund since 2008 – 2009 in Mizoram for the two most backward Districts of Mizoram viz. Saiha District and Lawngtlai District.  The SIRD is appointed as the Implementing Agency for the Capacity Building & Training Component of the BRGF. The CB&T funds are provided by the MoPR 200.0 lakh for two BRGF District. Fund received for 2014-15 is Rs. 125 lakh.

From the fund so provided fifteen workers were recruited on fixed pay as there are no reputed firm to outsource CB & T in Mizoram.  Trainings related to BRGF are also funded from it.

As indicated in the Table of training, number of trainings conducted in 2014 – 2015 was 34 with 1481 participants.


Other Activities:

Besides conducting trainings at the Institute as well as off-campus courses at different places, SIRD, Mizoram has been appointed by the State Government as one of the Mid-term evaluators of IWDP/Hariyali Projects in Mizoram Faculties of SIRD and ETC, Pukpui and ETC, Thingsulthliah have evaluated several projects at different places in Mizoram in the past.  However, only 2 projects were evaluated during 2011–12.

It may also be mentioned that, with approval of State Government, SIRD is associated with CAPART, being the Institutional Monitor of CAPART projects in the State of Mizoram.

The SIRD and the ETCs also actively participated in the District Vigilance and Monitoring Committees in all Districts as Observer. Besides, the SIRD is a member in several State Level Committees for rural development.


A final report on research titled “A Study of Self Help Groups in Mizoram” was submitted on 17th March, 2014 to the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.

An action research on ‘Bee Keeping at Sentetfiang’ is underway and is expected to be completed within this year.

Re-Designation of SIRD:

The 37th Governing Body of SIRD, Mizoram in its meeting approved re-designation of the SIRD to SIRD & PR. The decision is already conveyed  to the General Administration Department for further necessary action.